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2010/03/29 12:30
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Computer カテゴリ

How do your twitter followers feel your twits? Twitten enable you to show the rating on Twitter by your followers. Such you intend to say intellectual twits, but your followers may regard you as a very muscle man... If you have Twitter account already, you can start immediately and freely. Let's try it!

Twitten - Rating your friends

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How to use

  • Click "Start" links, Twitter will require your accounts.
  • Authentication uses OAuth, so your account is safe for a leak.
  • After that, you will see a chart in which your follow users are arranged.
  • There is no icons, please reload it.
  • By dragging the icon with mouse, fix the icons where match your feeling.
  • All icons have been arranged, Click ”Save Chart” button to save the arranged chart.
  • Click "Show my rating" link, and you see the chart that your followers rate you.


  • OAuth
  • DBI と Raw SQL
  • jQuery