How do many MovableType plugins effect the performance ?

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2010/03/28 15:57
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 MovableType plugins are very useful and important. After installing many MovableType plugins, you may feel the performance down. So now, I have surveyed the performance when many MovableType plugins are install onto MovableType.

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MovableType plugins are always loaded into MovableType whether they are applied actually or not. If therea reamany installed plugins, it may effect the performance of MovableType.
Here, I installed many dummy plugins, which create a MT::Plugin object and just add itself onto MovableType, and surveyed the performance of rebuilding the blog entries. As condition, Using MovableType 4.25 and it contains data of 630 entries, 744 comments and 183 trackbacs. EntriesPerRebuild in mt-config.cgi is 10.

Sourcecode of dummy plugin

Surveying results

Number of dummy pluginsElapsed time to rebuild
024:34' 18:58' 17:46' 20:30'
10017:48' 17:6' 18:27'
1,00019:26' 20:3' 18:52'


The number of installed plugins onto MovableType may not effect the performacnce. Rather HTTP connections with server may be the bottle-neck of the performances.