Winamp plugin to post the title you listening to on Twitter

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2010/01/30 18:25
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Winamp is the famous media player in Windows. Now I have programmed the Winamp plugin to enable you to post the title which you are listening to on Twitter.

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PostTwitter ver.0.11 (including source codes)

How to use

Unzip the archive and put the DLL file into Winamp's plugin directory. After that you should configure the plugin in menu [Options]-[Preferences]-[Plugins]-[General Purpose], and fill out your twitter account name and password to login. "Post Ratio" means how often the plugin posts the title into twitter, so it's suitable to set between 30% to 50%. If you set the post ratio 100%, plugin always post the title. it may be very annoying.
You can format the posting string with "Format" configuration area. "%s" will be replaced with the title playing now.