The useful plugin for debugging the MovableType template

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2009/03/07 17:00
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Plugin カテゴリ

TemplateNoteDebug plugin overides the default action of MTTemplateNote tag. You can get the free formatted strings for debugging the template with attributes in MTTemplateNote, for example, task tickets and editor names and remarks. And after disabled or removed this plugin, you rebuild them, you'll got the no debugging output.

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TemplateNoteDebug (Version 0.01)

Install and configuration

Get an archive and unzip into the plugins directory of MT. After that, please configure the plugin in System Plugins. For example, set like below.

How to use

you have configured above, write MTTemplateNote tags in any templates.

 Thereupon,MTTemplateNote will make these output.

 String as "%{hogehoge}" will replaced with the parameters of same name in MTTemplateNote tag.


  • Worked in MT4.2 above. Can't work in MT3.x